Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Photo Feedback!

I love thinking up new colors, patterns and themes for Giggleberry's bunting flag sets and seeing them come together, but love even more having custom orders placed and seeing what other people have imagined come to life.
It is a very rewarding process but I am always a little nervous when posting off a completed custom set, that it will fulfill the buyers imagination. Whether it's a sweet neutral colored set for the nursery of a new bubby, a themed set for a bedroom of a child who knows exactly what they want, or a particularly colored or patterned set for an artisan's craft fair tent.
I think the only thing better in the whole process than having 'customer feedback' come in from a happy buyer who just loves their flags is seeing Giggleberry Creation's flags in use!
I love, love, love receiving photos from buyers of their very own flags set up just how they had planned from even before they had decided to make the purchase.

I can completely understand and appreciate this. The very first bunting set I ever completed was for my daughters room to match the quilt her Grandma Barbara made and as soon as they were hanging above her cot I just had to grab the camera and snap away!

The latest 'photo feedback' I received was from a fellow FAM (Fabulous Artistic Moms) team member - Annie Howes of Annie Howes Keepsakes. Just recently Annie has braved the world of craft fairs with her gorgeous items and asked me to make her a set of flags to help her fair tent stand out from the others.

I think they work pretty well.... what do you think??


skinner studio said...

Your flags are beautiful, and its nice to see another way to use them. I also really like the picture of them in the nursery. I've seen your flags on etsy, but didn't really "get it", but now I do! What a fun way to add beautiful and still kid friendly design. Love it! And Annie, your booth looks great too!

Crochet by Momma J said...

Love your flags Giggleberry!

Bejeweled said...

Beautiful flags! And I never thought of using them to jazz up a craft booth - they look just awesome there!!

Annie Howes said...

My booth would be so boring without your flags, Amy! I receive so many comments on them. I adore them!

Giggleberry said...

Thanks ladies..... I'm thinking more photos will have to come soon of other way to use my flags...