Wednesday, June 18, 2008

FAM Specialty Member Directory P

PachaMamma's Handmade gifts:

~Shopping cart covers
~Nursing covers
~Portable High Chairs
~Baby shoes
~Pacifier clips
~PeePee TeePees

Paintings By Judith Signoriello

Palmarosa Hand Crafts

Pandy's of Lake Sunapee
* non traditional quilts
* totes
* coasters
* aprons
* home of the beer quilt
* also custom cross stitch, great for weddings, anniversaries and house warming’s
* Will do custom work as well

Pegasus Handmade Soaps & Bath Products

Periwinkle Designs
* upcycled e-waste jewelry
* beaded earrings, necklaces and bracelets
* chain maille
* wire work

* All of my items are made from wood that is hand painted and "shabby chic'd" :)
* Custom Photo Baby Blocks
* Custom Photo Birth Announcement Cube
* Custom Photo Desk Cube
* Custom Photo Wall Plaques
* Custom Photo Boxes
* Custom Photo Serving Tray
* Custom Photo Key Hangar

Pink Fire Designs

Pink Marshmallow

PinkPatrice Boutique
Items using paper including:
cards for any occasion
altered tins
decoupaged items

--cross stitched items like bookmarks, pins, cards, and much more.
--Some papercrafted items like cards and tags.

Pretty Bowtique
* Bottle Cap Hair Bows
* Bottle Cap Jewelry
* All Types of Hairbows, Hairclips, Infant Headbands, Woven Headbands, Ponytail Holders
* Scrabble Tile Pendants, Jewelry

Pretty Little Shop
* Handmade pillows
* Crochet
* Papered Picture Frames (I've done these as wedding favors)
* Painted Candlesticks
* Pincushions

Prism Kids

Pumpkin Pea

Punky Fae Designs
*Custom Children's Clothing
*Mommy and Me Vintage Style Boutique Aprons


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