Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Snowflake Factor!

It is said that no two snowflakes are the same. Each and every snowflake has its own unique pattern and design, separating it from all other snowflakes. It is individual, special and fabulous.
That's what I think of when I think of the of the FAM teams handmade items - individual - special - one of a kind!

No matter which shop from our team you wander through you are bound to find something gorgeous for either someone you love or yourself that is like no other. There is no mass production here just Fabulous Artistic Moms creating unique items for sale through their Etsy shops. Lots of our FAM team members would be more than happy to work with you on a custom order to further guarantee that individuality of what it is you desire.

These are just a sprinkling of the 'Snowflake Factor' custom items you could have:

~ With the Antique Basket Lady you can create your own Mini Wallet. This little case is ideal to stash business cards, receipts, extra cash, driver's license, credit cards...Great as a gift...and add a gift card.

~ With Bam Designs you and your little one together can create a personalized T-shirt. What can be better than letting your child design their own birthday t shirt? They can pick the colors of the train, add their name and even their age to this fun birthday shirt.

~ With Handmade by Andrea Baker you can create your own apron as individual as you. Are you selling at a craft show? Do you work at a restaurant? Are you a gardener? Love to cook? Are you a crafter? This is the perfect apron for you. This apron would make a great gift for a friend or family member as well.

And these two items I'm excitedly waiting to arrive in the mail - both custom created along side the Fabulous Artistic Moms who hand make them.

~ With Melanie's Crafts you too can have a Personalized Fairy Ornament. An ornament with your child's name on it - you can't get much more of the 'Snowflake Factor'.

~ With luv4sams you can create Custom Atlas Map City or Town Button Magnets. Have a favorite destination that you'd like to collect souvenirs from? here is the the greatest thing... atlas map magnets! These also make a great gift if you have loved ones that travel alot. You get 7 magnets total - so you can pick any seven (7) city or town in a US atlas.

The possibilities for your own "Snowflake Factor' item are endless when it come to handmade and especially when it's from a unique group like the Fabulous Artistic Moms!


Whimsical Creations said...

Thank you so much for the such kind words! I had just finished making your fairies when I read this blog. :-) melanie

luv4sams (Lisa) said...

I love this - great job!