Monday, December 1, 2008

I'll be in hyperventilate mode for the next 6 weeks!

Today I am sending my query to Interweave Knits for an article on Double Knitting which has only taken me 20 years to develop.  Feel like my first born is about to fall off a CLIFF!  It took 20 years because while I was figuring out the best way to write (communicate) the dadburn method I knew I needed designer/writer credibility before anyone would even consider hearing what I have to say...Caron International yarn company put me over the top this year by graciously handing me 15 design projects.  They also allowed me to write new innovations into my patterns - a thing I am eternally grateful for.  I've also designed for Lion Brand Yarn Company and been in magazine publications with knit and crochet patterns since 1990. The time is right!!

If anyone would like to buy me a gift (ha, like that's gonna happen!) I really want a copy of NOTES ON DOUBLE KNITTING by Beverly Royce.

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Original Cyn Studios said...

Congrats Kly! Do take a few minutes to breathe.