Monday, April 12, 2010

Meet CrosStitching

Erin Cross at CrosStitching is a happy wife and stay at home mom of a sweet 1 yr old boy. She has been sewing and crafting since she was little with her mom and sisters. She was taught to crochet by her great grandmother at 11yrs old. Crafting is something she has always enjoyed as a hobby and was delighted when she could turn the hobby into her first Etsy store in December of 2008.
Erin loves sewing and crochet. Her favorite products are those she makes for babies such as crochet hats, outfits, hair clippies, booties, and headbands. She sells a variety of items in her store and enjoys designing new items.
Functionality plays a big part of what she makes. Erin designs many things for her son and for friends before selling them on Etsy. She is inspired by what she sees, and any fun materials she comes across. She was recently drawn to vintage style rosette fabric that "wanted to be bloomers, twirly skirts, and sundresses." She says to be on the look-out as those items begin to make their appearance.
Erin offers discounts to her shoppers every month in a different way that is posted on the shop's Welcome page.

Other shops she works with are:

Her Blog can be found at
She also writes freelance work for Associated Content.

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Thanks for the link, I love Erin's work :)