Wednesday, February 18, 2009

FAM Birthday Bash 2009!!

Would you like an invitation to the Party? Consider yourself officially invited!

It has been one year since the birth of the Fabulous Artistic Moms of Etsy! To celebrate our 388 moms membership, we are having a Fabulous Birthday Bash Giveaway! Over 40 Artists have donated prizes!! There will be 1 Grand prize winner who will receive over 30 handmade items from these Fabulous Artistic Moms and 10 Honorable Mentions who will each receive one prize! So, here is how to enter ...

Rules of the Game
1) Visit one or more of the shops below and look for the cupcake hidden (like the one above) or the text "FAM Birthday" in their listings.

2) Post a comment below with the listing URL (http://...) for the item where you found the cupcake, your name, and your e-mail address. Entry Posts will not be made public. (Make sure the URL is for a single listing and not the shop's main page.) The game runs from February 15-21, 2009. A list of winners will be posted on the blog.

Would you like an extra entry?
1)Visit a different shop and find another cupcake! Post an additional comment below with the listing URL (http://...) where you found the cupcake, your name, and your e-mail address. You may leave up to 5 entry comments for finding cupcakes!

2)For every item purchased from one of the shops listed below, from February 15-21, you will get an extra entry. Simply post an additional comment with the transaction URL link with your name and e-mail address.

Prizes Donated for the Birthday Bash!!

Giggleberry Creations - Unisex fabric banner
Whimsical Creations - Cupcake Ornament & Birthday Hat Ornament
Annie Howes Keepsakes - DIY Scrabble Pendant kit w/tutorial
Apple Loves Orange - 5 photo gift tags in "Black"
Tender Heart Babies - FAM Princess Bank

Michon - freshwater pearl earrings
DoubleDippedSweets - Turtle Caramel Apple, your choice of nuts!
Handmade by Andrea Baker - The Oogly Friend - Snowflake
Crafts by Carer - Crochet Top Kitchen Towel
ChamberryCherryDesigns -personalized cosmetic makeup bag

BerryCreek Soaps - Monkey Farts Scented Aloe Vera Soapsicle
Crochet by Momma J - Sachet Pillow
Sweeet Pickles Pottery - Little Dish many uses
Elegant Snobbery - 8 x 8 Chocolate and Roses Cupcake Print
ImagineThat Art and Imagine That Inc. - Original Design with Artisan Handmade Beads Necklace
Ravishing Jane - Plum Striped Earrings
GingerKittyDesigns -Pearl bead bracelet and earrings set
Skinner Studio - Red Cherry - Chiyogami and Resin Necklace
Alphabulous - Iron on patch, letter or number and bookmark of their choosing

LJ Design Photo - 5x5 photo and 4 gift cards of a cupcake
Macaroni and Glue - A Hint of Shimmer - Boxed Set of 10 Flat Notes
Oh Mandie - Sugar - Whimsy Earrings
New England Quilter - Pink Fabric Coiled Basket
TheTieDyeGirl and TheSewingChic - $20 gift cards
Mock Frog Jewelry - bakelite necklace w/ black satin ribbon, ball chain
Valerie's Gallery - Blue and Green Felted Wool Bowl
KlymyshynDesign - Aqua Thread Earrings
Huggabears - butterfly and flower totebag
Haberheartwork - Glass pendant with ballchain necklace

Kims'c Custom Cards and Gifts - One free item from my store (excluding printing services), winner's choice
Sensationally Sweet - 1/2 pound chocolate assortment
TheBrassHussy - Brass Musical Swirls with Green Filigree Capped dangles - Earrings
Sweet Pickles Pottery - Fleur de Lis Wine Bottle Stopper
PickleJuice - 3 Hand Hooked Wool Flowers-spring colors

Bear River Photo Greetings - Premade Photo Greeting card design

Tiny Storm - Pair of earrings in the Czech glass color of the winner's choice.
Memory Books and More - Card

Pumpkin Pea - A Pair of Flower Duo

Spare Time Crafts - First Aid Etui boxes

Momo's Bows - Hair Bow

Oli Bear - Pacaifier Clip

Nicole's Homemade Treats - Peppermint Chunks (1/2 lb.) & Rocky Road (1/2 lb.)

Original Cyn Studios - Small brown purse with blue strap

Keep Your Baby Close - Set of 2 Cloth Mama Pads

Look for the Cupcakes in these Participating Shops

Sensationally Sweet-
Skinner Studio -
Stonecafecreations -
TenderHeart Babies -
Teton Cocoa Company-
TinyStorm -
Tisa's Creations -

5littlemonkeys -
Annie Howes Keepsakes -
Apple Blossom Designs -
Apple Loves Orange -

Bear River Photo Greetings -

BrassHussy -
Cat's Cradle Creations -
Crochet by Momma J -
CuteAndSweet -
DoubleDippedSweets -
earth baby boutique -
Ellie's Creations -

Giggleberry Creations -
GingerKittyDesigns -
Haberheartwork -
Handmade by Andrea Baker -
Huggabears -
ImagineThatArt -
ImagineThatInc -
JensenBeachBeads -

Jennifer' s Craft Store -

Keep Your Baby Close -

Kim's Custom Gifts -

Klymyshyn Design -
LJDesignPhoto -

LJDesignCards -
Macaroni and Glue -
Michon -
MOCKFROGjewelry -
MoMo's Bows -
New England Quilter -
Nicole's Homemade Treats -
OhMandie -

OliBear -

Original Cyn Studios -

PaintPuddles -
PickleJuice -

Post by New England Quilter


cherrypie said...

Be there or Be square!
what an awesome celebration!

Andrea Baker said...

This is going to be so much fun!!!

New England Quilter said...

Happy Birthday FAM!!

Anonymous said...

Whoot Whoot!

Giggleberry (Amy) said...

Happy Birthday to FAM
Happy Birthday to FAM Happy Birthday dear FAAAAAMMMMMMM,
Happy Birthday dear FAM!!!

Mama Bear (Angie) said...

I submitted our Birthday Bash as an event on


Gingerkittydesigns said...

I am so excited!

Happy Birthday Fellow Fammies!

prettylittleshop said...

happy birthday to us! i didn't get to participate in this bash- lost track of time!- but i wish you all a great birthday celebration :)

MoMo's Bows said...

So much FUN!!

Fitz said...

I just love checking out everybody's shops. Such great items!

Cindy Joy said...

I had so much fun hunting for cupcakes! I don't even know if FAM members can enter to win, but I don't care. It was more fun than Scavenger Hunt on Facebook. Everybody had such great items in their shops. I'm finally getting to a point in the unpacking and organizing where I'll be ready to start listing things again and participating in FAM again. It feels good. See you soon!

Cindy Joy

Anonymous said...

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