Monday, April 28, 2008

Last minute birthday present....

We had been invited for Yolanda birthday last Sunday, but we did not know about it until Saturday afternoon, one day before. As you might know, in Switzerland, stores closed at 5 PM on Saturday and for entire day on Sunday. I basically had no time to buy anything by the time I received the invitation, I can not just come up with a box of chocolate since Yolanda is the god grandma of Sebastien (mother of Sebastien god parents). I tried to check my sewing room, and I found this beautiful Japanese Chirimen fabric. I think a vintage purse can be a great present for her - easy to use and take with in her handbag. Besides, I still have 1 purse claps that I bought from internet not long before. Using the same pattern that I used to make my vintage purse after an hour or so, I come up with this elegant vintage purse. Another great thing that I realized is that the peony flower on the fabric. We, asian, love the peony to be used as the theme for birthday cause it symbolizes good fortune.

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