Tuesday, April 29, 2008


My ETSYShop finally open!!!

There was a sudden change of my mom 'FENG SHUI' date, she asked me to open it today or to wait for another while. Fortunately, the weather is cooperative this afternoon. After a long wintry weather, today we have the sun stay up bright until 8 PM. I spent the whole night to speed up finishing my shop and prepare for its first public appearance.

I began my shop with 3 items, 2 of them are set of bags for mother and daughter (I made those bags for Mother's Day). The theme of my first launching bags are SAKURA FLOWS. I love Sakura, and I happened to buy a very beautiful and delicate double gauze cotton with sakura image from Japan. There are more bags on the way to my stores, just wait for them.

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Annie Howes said...

Congratulations! I love Sakura flowers. I can't wait to go look at your shop!