Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quilted Fabric Crib Rail Guard Protectors

Do you have a teething babe or know someone who does? This might be just what you need. This guard is made with soft flannel fabric and quilted on the diagonal. For extra softness, there are two layers of batting for extra padding. There are 5 buttons to secure the guard to the crib rail. Your little one won't be able to tear this one down!

Dimensions are approximately 51 inches long (for a 50 inch crib) and 9 inches wide. This should guard is designed to fit a standard straight crib rail with a top rail up to 2.5 inches in height. If your rail is extra wide or long, you should go with a custom order. (See below.)
Buttons are located at 3.5, 14.25, 25, 37.75, and 46.5 inches.

I will gladly take custom orders for this product. I realize that there are many different style cribs and nursery themes. Please contact me if interested in a custom order or if you have questions. Guards can be made in many fabrics, colors and patterns. I ship internationally too! Visit My Etsy Shop, New England Quilter to order yours today :)

On a personal note, the crib rail guards that are in our nursery have worked great! My little guy now teethes on a soft padded fabric guard instead of wood. I no longer worry about splinters or him swallowing chips of wood.


Morgan said...

great idea!!!

I still have one in a crib and that would work perfectly!

Crafty Mama said...

What a great idea! That little one is adorable, too.

LuAnn Smith said...

What a great idea. You should see the tooth marks my son left on our baby bed several years ago...