Friday, May 16, 2008

BEST FATHER'S DAY PRESENT...or for another's day

Mother's day just passed, Father's day is on its way. It's so easy to buy present for mom, but not for dad. It's easy to find something unusual, cute for women, but we can't find it everyday, everywhere the right present for men. I lived in part of Switzerland where wine and cigar is part of our daily life. We like wine on general, but we love more a special wine on the special occasion especially if the wine came in a very beautiful way (wrapped beautifully), like this one:


The last two is reversible bag, can use it as a wrap for either woman or man...should I call it unisex lol....ok...this is how it's looks like...

Something missing I guess....we need a beautiful accesories for the wine glasses, and my friend, Kelly, has it just what you need...gorgeous wine glasses charms which will make your wine more enjoyable.

Those are just some of her charms collections - flowers, purses and sunglasses. She made those by herself. to check more of her creation, visit her etsy shop. She does accept the custom made order, if you have some design that you would like to put it on your glass wine, send her a message, she will answer you promptly


ThePeachTree said...

I absolutely love these wine sacks! Great gift indeed :)

sewinggranny said...

These wine bags would make a great gift for the wine drinking dad or for the dad that likes to take wine to a friend's that is hosting dinner!