Saturday, May 31, 2008

Opening the door to your business

The Door Knob

Do you really need more customers?????????

I have been reading a lot of material about home based businesses and customer loyalty. I wanted to let you know I have or will have read "Winning Costumer Loyalty" by Murray Raphel, Neil Raphel, and Janis S. Raye. "The Ebay Millionaire" by Amy Joyner and "Selling for Dummies". What have I learned???? That I have a lot to learn! The biggest thing that is repeated over and over again is customer loyalty. The magic info is the 80/20 formula. 20% of your customers will account for 80% of your over all sales. What does that mean. Take good care of the customers you have. Treat them well and they will spend more money. I will update you as I get further in the books. Have a question post it to me and when I learn it I will pass the knowledge on to you.

~Casey aka Morgan

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Bamdesigns said...

That is so true Morgan- do your best and your customers will love you for it. That little extra mile is what counts the most! Great picture!

Morgan said...

thanks bam for all the encouragement you have been wonderful!

Waterrose said...

I've read a couple of those books...all worthy and thought provoking.

jenscloset said...

Good Morning! I was just in your forum and wanted to check out your blog! I believe customer service is THE most important thing for any shop! I love your blog!